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My Art is Real Magazine


Toxic love, a look at Cris Valencia.

Soft, meaningful, moody, and beautiful all these words describe the works by artist and illustrator Cris Valencia. Originally from Barcelona and now based in Madrid Cris is on just one moment in her artistic journey. Her illustrations have a distinct and aesthetically pleasing look to them that carry over from all her current works, often using a soft color pallet that always features variants of pink and red. Valencia does not just make works that serve a visual pleasure, using topics like love, hate, friendship, and betrayal she sets out to make her art meaningful and relatable for the viewer… leer más.

T-squirt Magazine


L´intimità delle emozioni illustrate. Intervista a Cris Valencia.

Cris Valencia è un´illustratrice spagnola, nata e cresciuta a Barcellona, oggi vive e lavora a Madrid. La sua curiosità e irrequietezza artistica l’hanno portata a mettere a punto uno stile originale che gioca sul contrasto che si crea tra il cosa viene rappresentato e il come viene rappresentatoleer más. Magazine


Cris Valencia e un mondo femminile, rosa e crudele.

Cris Valencia è un’illustratrice spagnola, di origine barcellonese che oggi vive e lavora a Madrid, che ha trovato il suo linguaggio, il modo per entrare in contatto con il mondo nel disegno….. leer más.

Jasmin Magazine


Като бонбон след горчиво лекарство – илюстрациите на Cris Valencia.

“Обичам сладко и солено, светлината на зазоряване и по здрач, бялото и черното, да скитам далеч от дома, но също и да си оставам вкъщи по пижама. Преди всичко обаче съм пристрастена към изкуството във всичките му аспекти…”… leer más.

Picame Magazine


Illustrazioni in rosa per raccontare i problemi di cuore: Cris Valencia.

Le pene d’amore sono il tema centrale del lavoro di Cris Valencia, illustratrice catalana che affronta gli aspetti emotivi e psicologici con una certa dose di sadismo e un pizzico di compiacimento masochistico…. leer más.

Tanjand Livejournal


Крис Валенсия – испанский иллюстратор, которая сейчас живет и работает в Мадриде, нашла свой язык. Она играет на контрасте, созданным между темой, и тем, как она представлена….. leer más.

Art Upon


I am Cris Valencia, a multidisciplinary Spanish artist based in Madrid. In my works I like to reflect issues that have to do with the human being, with their inner nature and relationships. My intention is… leer más.

Tabi Labo


これは、私の密かな願望。男を虜にして惑わす悪い女性への憧れ。ゲームのように恋愛を楽しむような「余裕」を感じる人。どんな男でも簡単に心を奪えない、恋愛スキルが高い女性になれたなら。ずるいくらい思いのままに進む恋。 leer más.

Cultura Colectiva Plus


A reminder of the Painful love you try so hard to forget in 18 illustrations.

Sometimes you just need a dose of humor to heal that broken heart that won´t let you move on. We are a rolling mass of contradictions, on the one hand… leer más.